How it Works

Dust 2 Gold has hidden tokens at specific locations. Those tokens display unique identifiers.  Click SHOP and you can buy a list of clues that will guide the savvy adventurer to the token's location.  The token contains all the information necessary to claim the treasure. 

How the Treasure Works: Each treasure starts at $1,000 and escalates with every purchase.  Half of each purchase goes to that specific treasure pot and the amount is updated every month. Check our home page for the current amount.   Want to be hunting a larger treasure? Do your part and share Dust 2 Gold on Facebook and Instagram.

Every treasure can be claimed by one and only one player.  The treasure contains a specific e-mail address, a single dollar bill with a unique serial number, and a unique token. Then validate and claim your treasure by producing your unique 8 digit code you created when purchasing your clues. 

How the Clues Work: The clues can be science or history based, They can pertain to specific geological or astrological features or local legend and general treasure hunter observations.  With your purchase you get ten clues per treasure hunt, they start broad and narrow in focus.  Since we want you to find the treasure, if the treasure has not been found by October 12, 2019 (the day Columbus landed in the Americas), we will release an additional clue every year for up to five years. Clues start at $10.00 and escalate in cost to $100.00 as the treasure increases in value.  So. Buy early!

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